Terms and Conditions

This agreement serves to define the conditions of using the service provided by General5, and is entered into by us and the customer using the service.

1. Accepting the Conditions

  1. The customer must follow the terms of this agreement when using our service.
  2. If the customer is a minor, they must gain the consent of their legal guardian or representative (including consent for this agreement) before using the service. If a customer who was a minor at the time of accepting this agreement then uses our service after becoming an adult, it will be seen as retroactive consent of their prior usage.
  3. If the customer is using our service on behalf of a corporation, a representative with authority over the corporation in question must first agree to these terms.
  4. By using our service, the customer agrees legally and irrevocably to these terms.
  5. If there are any other agreements for using this service, the customer must follow those terms in addition to the ones listed here when using the service.

2. Modification of the Terms and Conditions

  1. We may change these terms and any other terms of service at any time we deem necessary.
  2. The modified terms and conditions will take effect after being shown in our service or on our website for a reasonable amount of time, and by continuing to use our service after the terms have been changed, the customer agrees legally and irrevocably to the new terms and conditions. When using our service, please check the latest terms and conditions, and any other applicable agreements.

3. Accounts

  1. If the customer registers any personal information with our service, it must be accurate, complete, and always kept up to date.
  2. If the customer registers a password with our service, they must responsibly manage this password themselves to ensure it is not used fraudulently. We may view any actions taken using the registered password as actions of the customer themselves.
  3. Customers who join our service may delete their account and cancel their membership at any time.
  4. When the customer has broken these terms, or we have reason to believe they will break these terms, their account may be suspended or deleted without prior notice.
  5. We may delete accounts that have been inactive for over a year without prior notice.
  6. All of the customer's rights regarding our service will be revoked in the event that their account is deleted for any reason. Be aware that even if the customer accidentally deletes their account, we are unable to bring it back.
  7. Accounts on our service belong entirely to the customer. None of the customer's rights regarding our service can ever be transferred to, lent to, or inherited by a third party.

4. Privacy

We will manage the customer's private and personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.

5. Provision of the Service

  1. When using our service, the customer must pay for and manage the necessary smart devices, telecommunication equipment, operation systems, communication methods, electricity, etc. If the customer is a minor, they must only use things allowed by their guardian or legal representative.
  2. We reserve the right to restrict our service in full or in part to customers meeting our conditions, such as age, identity verification, existence of registered information, and any other conditions we deem necessary.
  3. We may change or remove any of the details of our service (specifications, rules, design, audiovisual media, effects, parameters, scenario, and any others), at our discretion and without prior notice.

6. Advertisements

We may show our own or third party ads on the service.

7. Services of Our Business Partners

Our service may include services and content from other businesses working in collaboration with us. Responsibility for these services and this content will fall to the businesses operating them. When using these services and this content, customers must abide by any terms and conditions set by the business providing them.

8. Content

  1. We give our customers non-transferable, non-sublicensable, and non-exclusive rights to use the content we offer.
  2. When the customer uses content that is subject to separate usage fees and conditions, they must abide by all terms that apply.
  3. The customer may not use our service (including duplication, sending, reproduction, modification, etc.) in ways outside of what the service was designed for.
  4. The customer is responsible for creating backups of the content they upload to the service. We have no responsibility to create backups for uploaded content.
  5. Our service may include features allowing multiple people to upload, edit, and delete content. In these cases, the customer consents to other customers editing their submitted content.
  6. The customer will always retain the right to content posted on the service, and we will never gain this right. However, when the customer posts content and makes it available for other customers that are not friends with them, they agree to allow us to use this content for the service and promotional materials (including the right to abridge and edit this content as we deem necessary and appropriate. This also includes the right to give this right to a third party in collaboration with us) indefinitely, at no cost, and with no geographical restrictions.
  7. If we need to check whether the law or the terms and conditions are being followed, we may confirm the details of uploaded content. However, we are not required to carry out these checks.
  8. If we judge that the customer has broken or is likely to break the law or our terms and conditions regarding uploaded content, or if there is a business-related need to do so, we may use methods like deletion of uploaded content to control what is posted on our service, without prior notice.

9. Prohibited Acts

When using our service, the customer may not perform any of the acts listed below.

  1. Acts that contravene the law; a court ruling, decision, or order; or a legally binding administrative measure
  2. Acts that are likely to injure public morals and order
  3. Acts that benefit or cooperate with antisocial forces
  4. Acts that infringe on any legal or contractual rights, such as intellectual property like trademarks and patents, reputation, or privacy, held by us or by a third party
  5. Allowing a third party to use our content by lending, exchanging, transferring, renaming, selling, pawning, or collateralizing our data or the right to access our content
  6. Sales, marketing, advertising, solicitation, or other activities with the goal of enriching yourself (except for activities we explicitly allow); religious activities and canvassing for a religious organization; sexual and indecent acts; attempting to use the service to meet and associate with members of the opposite sex you don't already know; displaying child pornography or child abuse; harassment or slander directed at a third party; and any other use of our service for reasons other than its intended purpose
  7. Posting or sending content that contains excessively violent language; explicit sexual language; language that violates someone's human rights or is discriminatory to someone based on their nationality, feelings, gender, social standing, or lineage; language inciting or encouraging suicide, self-harm, or drug abuse; and any other antisocial language that is likely to cause offense
  8. Sending the same or similar messages to an unspecified large number of people (except when we explicitly allow it), indiscriminately adding people to one's friend list or a group, or other activities we recognize as spam
  9. Impersonating us or a third party, or intentionally distributing false information
  10. Unlawfully collecting, disclosing, or supplying the personal information, account information, or usage history of a third party
  11. Unlawfully accessing , using someone else's user ID, receiving multiple user IDs, or similar acts
  12. Damaging the servers or network systems of our service; manipulating the service with bots, chat tools, or other technological methods; intentionally abusing a bug or flaw in the service; making unreasonable requests to us; or any other acts that hinder the operation of our service or a third party's usage of our service
  13. Assisting someone with any of the acts described above
  14. Any other acts we judge to be inappropriate

10. The Customer's Responsibility

  1. The customer is responsible for their own use of our service, and we will not take responsibility for the results of any actions taken while using our service.
  2. When we find that the customer has used this service in breach of these terms and conditions, we will take the steps we deem necessary and appropriate. However, we have no requirement to prevent or correct this infringement.
  3. If we incur damages (including legal fees), directly or indirectly, due to the customer's use of this service (including when we receive a claim from a third party due to this usage), the customer must reimburse us for this loss immediately.

11. Disclaimer

  1. We do not guarantee, explicitly or implicitly, that our service (including the content on it) contains no real or legal flaws (including flaws in safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, adaptability to specific goals, or security, as well as errors, bugs, and infringements of rights). We have no obligation to remove these flaws when we offer our service to the customer.
  2. We take no responsibility for any damages suffered by the customer as a result of using our service. However, this disclaimer will not apply if the contract between us and the customer (including this agreement) regarding our service is a consumer contract as specified in the Consumer Contract Act
  3. We will not take any responsibility for damages to the customer that result from special circumstances (even if either we or the customer predicted or could have predicted that damages would arise) due to debt default or illegal actions resulting from a mistake on our part (except in cases of gross negligence).
  4. When we reimburse a customer for damages incurred due to debt default or illegal actions resulting from a mistake on our part (except in cases of gross negligence), the maximum amount we will pay is the service fees received from the customer during the month the damage took place.

12. Contact Method

  1. We will contact the customer for things related to our service either through the service itself, by posting it in the appropriate place on our website, or through other communication methods we deem appropriate.
  2. The customer should contact us for things related to our service by using the service, sending the contact form that will be found at the appropriate location on our website, or through another communication method specified by us.

13. Language, Governing Law, Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions will be governed under Japanese law. For any disputes that arise between us and the customer regarding our service, the Tokyo District Court will have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.

In the event of there being a discrepancy between the Japanese and English versions of this terms and conditions, the Japanese version shall be applied with precedence.